Hi, I'm Stephen

I live in Birmingham, Alabama and work remotely for BMC Software. You can learn about me on LinkedIn

You can spot me on the Atomic Lounge's Sgt Peppers mural

You can download my resume in PDF format (last updated 9/20/2018)


Do you run a distillery? Do you make liquor?

At one time I did, but not anymore.

Will I consult on your project?

Perhaps. I've worked on hundreds of websites over the past 2 decades and I'm sure I'll work on hundreds more in the next 2. Send me an email: wattssw@gmail.com

Why would you want me to work on your project? I'm the sort of marketer that helps Google with their own SEO.

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— Jody J. O'Donnell (@gimpslice) September 6, 2018

Links to things I recommend

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